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How We Wear It: Fulton Sweater Blazer

By Allie

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Indiesew Style Post | Fulton Sweater Blazer by Alina Design Co

I have been excited (and a little impatient) to add the Fulton Sweater Blazer to the Indiesew Pattern Shop. This stretch blazer design by Alina Design Co. is modern, beautifully cut, and so on-trend. 

But I wanted to wait to add this pattern until we launched Winter Knits Week. Yesterday, we launched several new ponte fabrics (perfect for this design) and I finally get to show off my Fulton!

The Fulton Sweater Blazer is a knit blazer with a relaxed fit and patch pockets. The notched collar, which lays flat against the neckline, adds a touch of modern visual interest. This design includes two sleeve lengths and two bodice length options.

This sewing pattern lies solidly in the intermediate category, because of the notched collar. But Alina's video tutorial makes sewing that part much easier than I expected.

I sewed the size 4 (graded to a 6 at the hips) in View A (the shorter bodice).

Fulton Sweater Blazer Sewing Pattern | Alina Design Co.

The fabric for my Fulton Sweater Blazer has a story of its own. It's a long one involving two bottles of RIT Fabric Dye (Emerald and Dark Green), and it's fully documented on Instagram under the Fabric Dyeing highlight.

In short, this fabric is 100% cotton interlock, which has the weight and structure I wanted, but not the recovery (the sleeves stretch out a bit). My next one will definitely be sewn in rayon ponte.

How We Wear It: Fulton Sweater Blazer |

I've been wearing my Fulton Sweater Blazer with a Kila Tank and high-waisted pants like the Persephone Pants or my Ginger Jeans. This look definitely elevates my everyday work attire.


Fulton Sweater Blazer by Alina Design Co. | Available at Indiesew

Perhaps my favorite part of the Fulton Sweater Blazer is the shape of this design. Fulton has a nice curve through the waist, so it doesn't appear oversized or bulky. I adore the center back seam, a detail I wish more patterns included as it makes a basic piece look a bit more intentionally designed.

How We Wear It: Knit Sweater Blazer | Indiesew

I know my Fulton will be getting lots of wear in the future and I can't wait to start on my next one, in View B! 


Suitable Fabrics

Ponte de Roma Fabric | Fulton Sweater Blazer

Shop Rayon Ponte >

The Fulton Sweater Blazer is designed for medium to heavy-weight stable knit fabrics like ponte de roma. The six pontes that we have available are ideal for this design.

Never sewn with ponte? Check out Fabric Files: Ponte. These fabrics are well suited for someone who is new to sewing knits!

We'll be back this week with more winter knits sewing inspiration! Stay tuned!

Happy sewing!

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