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How We Wear It: Archer Shirt Dress

By Allie

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I present to you, the shirt dress I’ve been wearing nonstop for four days straight. This is my first completed garment for Shirt Month: an Archer Button Up by Grainline Studio that I’ve lengthened and added a drawstring waist. 

After I finished the dress last week, I thought about writing a combination style/tutorial blog post, but decided against it for two reasons: 1. I was too excited to keep this off the blog for the amount of time it would take to write a tutorial post and 2. I felt that a combo style/tutorial post would be far too much content for one blog post. Stay tuned over the next two weeks for the full tutorial on this pattern hack! 

But today, I really wanted to show you this pattern/fabric combo and how I style my newest shirt dress obsession. 

Archer Shirt Dress | Indiesew Blog

I sewed this Archer Shirt Dress in our Red and Navy Double Cloth (this one and others will be restocked very soon!). To illustrate how versatile double cloth is, I switched with the differing plaid patterns depending on the pattern piece. 

If you haven’t yet, take a look at our Fabric Files: Double Cloth post to get to know this substrate better. It’s an incredibly soft textile that creates super cozy garments. I find it perfect for button-up shirts and shirt dresses.

Archer Shirt Dress | Modified Drawstring Waist

For most of the dress, I wanted the large-scale windowpane plaid to be on display. I used the smaller scale plaid on the front button placket (cut on the bias) and for the chest pockets. I also used the smaller plaid on the back yoke and cuffs. You can see how the smaller plaid peeks out with the sleeves rolled up. 

Side note: The buttons on this dress are from my mom’s vintage stash. They’re metal, with the enamel mostly worn off. They were taken off men’s work shirts from the 1920s! I can’t imagine what these buttons have seen in their lifetime.

Archer Button Up by Grainline Studio | Indiesew Style Post


At first, I thought I would wear this dress with bare legs or leggings and ankle boots. But after trying it on with a pair of skinny jeans, I was sold on this look.

With the drawstring waist, I don’t think this outfit feels too heavy as a dress layered over pants sometimes can. I’ve been pairing my Swedish Hasbeen clogs with this outfit to take it from casual to a bit more refined.

Modified Archer Button Up Shirt | Indiesew

Stay tuned, next week we’ll be bringing you another style post along with a helpful tutorial for shirt making! If you want to play along with us on Instagram use #shirtmonth! We feature fellow shirt making sewists every day in our stories.

Happy sewing!

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