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How We Wear It: Archer Shirt

By Allie

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Today's style post is firmly rooted in basics (nothing at all fancy here), but it's a silhouette I find myself reaching for constantly once the weather cools down.

Every fall, I sew at least one button-up shirt. I have narrow shoulders, and set-in sleeves paired with collars tend to balance out my proportions. I find them comfortable to wear and they elevate an outfit to a notch above a casual t-shirt and jeans.

This one is an Archer Button-Up with three modifications:

  1. I added two inches to the overall length at the lengthen/shorten lines. Don't forget to lengthen your button bands and corresponding interfacing if you do the same!
  2. I omitted the pockets for a cleaner look.
  3. I graded out one size at the hips.Archer Button Up Shirt | How We Wear It

Archer Button Up | Sewing Pattern by Grainline Studio

Red Plaid Archer Button Up |

Archer Button Up Side and Back Fit | Indiesew

Right now my measurements are 34/27/40 and I sewed the size 2, grading out the size 4 in the hips. The fit is perfect, whereas most ready-to-wear button-ups that fit through the shoulders are too tight around the hips and ride up on me.

I sewed this shirt with our Red and Grey Cotton Shirting (just restocked!), and it is such a nice substrate for a fall top. It's really light and breathable, so I can wear it on a hot day without sweating to death. And it's thin enough to easily layer a jacket over the top for crisp fall days.

This fabric is also washing and wearing like a dream. It doesn't tend to get overly wrinkly, has a soft hand, and looks great on the body. While I'll always be a sucker for a flannel button up, this shirt has proven to me that a simple cotton shirting is a great substrate for this silhouette.

Indiesew Fabric | Red and Grey Plaid Cotton Shirting

If you're looking to sew a button-up shirt this fall, I can't recommend this pattern enough. It's my go-to design for a classic, relaxed-fit silhouette. If you need more Archer inspiration, you can also see my Archer Shirt Dress.

Happy sewing!

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