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How to Style a Wrap Dress for Fall

By Allie

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How to Style a Wrap Dress for Fall |

Lately, I've been really inspired to experiment with the clothes in my closet. If left to my own somewhat lazy devices I would wear a pair of jeans and a Kila Tank every single day. But as the weather is turning cooler here in Boulder, I decided to pull some of my less worn items out of the closet and see what outfits I could come up with.

This red printed Highlands Wrap Dress is a piece that I absolutely love, but never, ever wear. I sewed it in a sewing class I taught a few years ago and I loved how it turned out. But I've been meaning to sew a hidden snap in the wrap facings for years. Now that I've finally done that (and I'm no longer fiddling with the bodices to keep it closed - a result of this super lightweight rayon fabric), it's all I want to wear.

Highlands Wrap Dress Sewing Pattern | Allie Olson

So today, I thought I'd show you a few ways I've been styling this piece for our Colorado fall. Chilly mornings and evenings mean I'm putting on and peeling off layers a few times during the day. This silhouette has been ideal for throwing a sweater or jacket over the top!


With a Cropped Sweater

This year, I'm all about cropped sweaters. I splurged on the green one below from Amour Vert (not online yet) and love it worn over the top of this dress, with the hem tucked into the waist ties. This ensemble is a bit out there for me, but I love it.

Highlands Wrap Dress worn with cropped sweater. | Indiesew Style Post

I thrifted the grey sweater below and created a similar look. After looking at these photos, I prefer a set-in sleeve for my small shoulders, but I like how the grey sweater tones down the bright color and wild print of the dress fabric. A long necklace completes the look.

Fall Sweater + Midi Wrap Dress |


With a Structured Jacket

Of course, my favorite way to style any dress is with a structured jacket. Because my shoulders are so narrow, I like wearing leather jackets, jean jackets, and blazers to give me more width up top. Luckily structured jackets complement wrap dresses perfectly!

Hampton Jean Jacket + Highlands Wrap Dress | Indiesew Blog

Above, I'm wearing the Hampton Jean Jacket and I like how the denim makes this outfit more casual. As you likely can tell, I don't like feeling overdressed. This outfit is a step above my normal attire but is something I could wear all day without feeling the need to slip back into my favorite jeans and t-shirt. | Blazer + Midi Wrap Dress

A linen blazer is also a great item to throw over a wrap dress with a pair of leather boots for cooler days. This red blazer was passed down from my mom and I like the monochromatic color scheme it creates. I like to roll up my sleeves to draw the eye to the waist!

We have several wrap dress sewing patterns in the shop that would transition well into fall! Hopefully the photos above will give you some styling inspiration to start experimenting with items in your closet.

Happy sewing!

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