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How to Sew a Simple Summer Scarf

By Allie

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I’ve recently developed an emotional death-grip on my scarf wearing habit. A sort of dependency on rectangles of fabric worn around my neck, if you will. Wearing scarves makes me happy, they balance out my narrow shoulders and I feel good wearing them.
So there’s no way I’m going to let a little hot weather get between me and my scarves. Summer scarves are my new thing, as evidenced by every photo of the Summer Collection. But extra fabric around your neck in hot weather isn’t always ideal. Summer scarves have to be light and breathable. Today I’m showing how to whip up a lightweight summer scarf in great new fabric we’re now carrying!
This project will take you less than an hour from start to finish. I promise.


1. Pick a lightweight fabric.

This is important. Fabric with polyester is too hot to wear around your neck during the summer. Rayon challis or cotton voile are great choices for summer apparel. A lightweight cotton like batiste would also be ideal. But what inspired this tutorial is a new fabric in the Indiesew fabric shop. Check out this blue and white silk gauze! It’s sheer (any garment would need a lining) and has a super loose weave. It’s absolutely divine. And perfect for scarves!


2. Cut to size.

You've picked out your fabric? Good, let's cut it into a rectangle! The silk gauze pictured above is 41” wide, which worked out to be the perfect width for a summer scarf. I cut 1.5 yards of this fabric, resulting in a rectangle 41” wide by 54” long.

If you like long scarf tails, you might consider making your scarf 63” (1.75 yards) or even 72” (2 yards) long. Take a look at your favorite scarves and take note of their dimensions. But remember, if you’re sewing your scarf in a lighter weight fabric you can add some width to the scarf to make it nice and full.



3. Finish the edges with a rolled hem.

If you have a serger, I recommend using a rolled edge to finish the edge of all four sides of your rectangle. Use your owner’s manual to find the settings for this stitch (it only requires one needle). And serge around all four edges of your rectangle in a coordinating thread color. I use a 3/8" seam allowance along the two short raw edges. Along the selvages, I use a seam allowance large enough to cut the selvage off completely.
Your finished edges should look like this:
Apply some Fray Check to the corners of your scarf to make sure your serger threads don’t unravel.
If you don’t have a serger I recommend using a rolled hem foot (if you have one) to make a small hem on all four edges of the scarf. A narrow double hem would also work great.
Three simple steps, that’s all it is! There are a few ways to wear your summer scarf. I lean towards the cowl look or draped over my neck.
If you’ve never been able to achieve the cowl look, here’s how!
So hop on over to the fabric shop and snag some of this silk gauze before it’s gone! More fabric should be here soon, that will perfect for knit tees and tank tops!
Happy scarf sewing!

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