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How to Raise the Neckline of Your Ella Top

By Allie

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How to Raise the Neckline of Your Ella Top |
I’m a basics girl. If there’s anything that Me Made May has taught me, it’s that I gravitate towards easy sewing patterns that I can make again and again. The Ella Top is that sewing pattern. Its relaxed fit and racerback design make it a top that you can easily dress or up down. Plus, it’s the perfect for layering.
I’ve sewn a few Ella Tops for the 2015 Summer Collection. And long before Indiesew was reality, I sewed about a hundred versions of other basic tank top sewing patterns. I always find myself making the same modification. With narrow shoulders and a small  bust, I need a higher neckline than most tank top patterns are drafted for. 
So today I’m showing a super quick and easy modification to raise the neckline of your Ella Top if you have the same aversion to low necklines. It won’t take more than a few extra seconds, I promise! Here we go...
1. Cut the front piece (pattern piece 1) on all sides except for the neckline.
Cut out the front pattern piece except the neckline |
2. Mark the new height of the neckline with tailor’s chalk. I raised my neckline by 2”. You could use this method to raise your Ella Top neckline anywhere from 1/4” to 2”. If you raise it more than 2” the fit of the garment may be altered.
Mark the new neckline |
3. Starting at the point you just marked, cut the new neckline mimicking the shape of the original neckline. Use tailor’s chalk to mark this line if you prefer.
Cut out the new neckline |
Your modified neckline should look something like this:
The modified neckline |
That’s it! Now, sew the Ella Top as instructed in the pattern. The extra neckline bias binding gets trimmed off after it's sewn on, so there's no need to adjust the length of that pattern piece. Let’s see the difference on a human. What a difference, right?
Finished Ella Top neckline comparisons |
You may have noticed that my modified Ella Top looks larger than my original Ella. I sewed the exact same size and made no other modifications to the pattern. The difference in fit is due to the fabric I chose for the two tops. The Ella Top on the left is sewn in a chiffon underlined with a lightweight cotton. Because of the cotton, it doesn't drape as much as the Ella Top on the right. It has more structure, which makes it fit really well. The Ella Top on the right is sewn in a very soft rayon challis, which is very drapey, but also a bit more unstable than a cotton. Keep this in mind as you choose your Ella Top fabric!
For this blog post, we’ve teamed up with Fabric Merchants (a fabric wholesaler) to showcase great apparel fabrics available from fabric stores around the country. The rayon challis used in this post is available in-store at Piedmont Fabrics in Oakland, CA. Plus, it will be available online at Imagine Gnats in the coming weeks! It's incredibly soft and completely opaque. I loved sewing with it!

If you love the Ella Top as much as we do, grab the pattern here. Plus, there’s still time to get your full or mini bundle and jumpstart your summer handmade wardrobe! 

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