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How to Lower the Rise of Your Leggings

By Allie

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How to Lower the Rise of Your Leggings |

I’m glad we cleared the air last week. That topic of modifying patterns? It can be a tough one to navigate. But just like ready-to-wear fashion often doesn’t fit off the rack, patterns don’t always either. As soon as you settle into your sewing hobby, you’ll find that modifying patterns to suit your taste or to enhance the fit will become second nature. In fact, it will become fun. Soon, you’ll be laying in bed at night, thinking “What can I do to XYZ pattern to make it perfect for me?”.

Today, I’m talking about the Sew Simple Leggings. They are just that. So incredibly simple. This pattern is only one pattern piece. Likely, you’ll be able to sew these puppies up in under two hours from start to finish. And they’re leggings! So you automatically need five pairs.

The Sew Simple Leggings is a super versatile pattern. The designer, Deby, has provided a plethora of resources for this pattern (think multiple videos!) to get the perfect fit. What’s even more awesome, is that Deby has built in a ton of options for modifying your leggings to suit your preference.

Straight from the pattern without any modifications, you’d sew up a full-leg-length pair of leggings with an above-navel rise. For a day of vigorous skiing? Yes, give me above-navel. For lounging around on Saturday, not so much. Today, we’re taking that above-navel rise down a bit, so that it sits just under the belly-button. I’m demonstrating this technique on a very scaled down sketch of the pattern so you get the idea.

Leggings Rise Comparison | Blog

So how exactly does one lower the rise of a leggings pattern? It’s shockingly simple actually. The Sew Simple Leggings pattern piece includes a lengthen/shorten line near the top of the leggings.

Lengthen/Shorten Line | Sew Simple Leggings

After you've traced and/or cut your pattern out, simply cut your pattern piece along this lengthen/shorten line so that you have two separate pattern pieces.

Cut along lengthen/shorten line | Blog

Now, overlap your two pattern pieces by the length that you want to shorten your rise and tape back together. For the grey leggings you saw above, I overlapped the two pieces by 3".

Overlap Pattern Pieces | How to Lower the Rise of Your Leggings

The last step is to smooth your edges. Simply draw a line on each side, making sure to smooth the edges as you go.

Smooth Edges |

Now cut along the new edge line. You now have a new, modified pattern piece to work from. Your new leggings are ready to be cut out and sewn!

New Leggings Pattern Piece | How to Lower your Leggings Rise

Are you still on the fence about making the Sew Simple Leggings? Check out how Priscilla, Kimberly and Monica wore their leggings!

Sew Simple Leggings | Blog

The Sew Simple Leggings are just one pattern included in the Indiesew Fall Collection. Don’t forget to enter our Indiesew Fall Collection giveaway! You could win the six pattern bundle (a $45 value)!

Have you made a pair of Sew Simple Leggings? Let’s see ‘em! Upload your creation and a share some home-sewn leggings inspiration with the world!

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