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Grainline Studio patterns now available in digital format!

By Allie

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Today is a big day, folks. If you sew your own clothes, you know Grainline Studio. Jen Beeman created her sewing pattern brand in 2011, when the indie sewing world was in its infancy. She was one of the first on the scene creating digital sewing patterns for the home sewist. Now six years later, she has an extensive sewing pattern lineup and a loyal following. We've always been a big fan of Jen and her designs.

We've carried many Grainline Studio sewing patterns in paper format for a while now. They're incredibly popular among our audience, as evidenced by 116 Grainline Studio creations you've uploaded. And now they're available in digital format!


See Grainline Studio Patterns >


Grainline Studio | Digital and Paper Sewing Patterns

We currently carry thirteen Grainline Studio sewing patterns including the Cascade Duffle Coat you see in the header image of this post. We just added the Hadley Top and Tamarack Jacket to the lineup this week! Digital pattern prices are shown in the grid above.

Jen's designs often have a simple silhouette with interesting construction. She's trained in fashion design and pattern making, so she knows what she's doing.

Take the Farrow Dress shown below for example. It has really nifty front angled pockets on its flattering A-line silhouette.

Indiesew Blog | Farrow Dress by Grainline Studio

We have plans to expand our Grainline Studio sewing pattern lineup in the coming months. Do you have a favorite Grainline design? Upload your creation so that we can see your take on it!

Happy sewing!

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