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Foxglove Sewalong: Part 2

By Allie

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Welcome back Foxglove adventurers! If you missed Part 1 of the Foxglove Tank by Selvage Designs Sewalong , you can access that here. Today, we’re onto Part 2 and tomorrow we’ll finish up so that you can strut around in your new racerback tank all weekend. It’s likely you won’t want to take it off...and we say that’s a-okay.

So, today let’s start getting the tank assembled! You should have two (if not including center front and back seams) or four (if including the center seams) pattern pieces all cut out. If you’re part of the sans center seam group, today’s tasks are going to be super quick for you.

Sewing the Center Front and Back Seams

(If you’re omitting the center front and back seams you can skip to the next section.)

First, line up your two front pieces with right sides together and pin every 3”.

Foxglove by Selvage Designs Sewalong | Pinned Front Seams

Sew the length of this seam using a ⅝” seam allowance and a standard straight stitch. (Refer to pattern for varying seam allowances and stitch types based on your version.)

Foxglove Sewalong | Pinned Back Seams

Repeat these steps for the back pieces. Blog | Pin and Sew Foxglove Back Seams

Sewing the Side and Shoulder Seams

Your Foxglove tank should now consist of two pattern pieces, a front and back. With right sides together align the right side seams of these two pattern pieces and pin every 3”.

Foxglove Sewalong Part 2: Pin right side

Then flip your pattern pieces over and align the left side seams, and pin every 3”. This will make sure that your pins are facing the correct direction, and therefore will be easier to remove when you sew each side.

Foxglove by Selvage Designs Sewalong Part 2: Pin left side

Starting at the armpit seam, sew the length of both side seams using a ⅝” seam allowance. (Refer to pattern for varying seam allowances and stitch types based on your version.) blog | Sew side seams of Foxglove racerback tank

Now, align your two shoulder seams and place pin every 1”.

Pin Shoulder Seams | Foxglove Sewalong

Sew the length of both shoulder seams using a ⅝” seam allowance. (Refer to pattern for varying seam allowances and stitch types based on your version.)

Sew Shoulder Seams | Foxglove Sewalong

Finishing the Center and Side Seams

Selvage Designs has loaded The Foxglove Tank pattern with options for seam finishes. You have the freedom in deciding whether you want clean finished, cover stitched, french or serged seams.

For my Foxglove, I chose clean finished seams to compliment the lightweight denim fabric. I used a light grey thread to illustrate the process, but you can use any thread color you choose! You could even choose topstitching thread to make your topstitched seams more visible.

Okay let’s make these seams beautiful. Start by pressing all of the seams you just sewed open.

Foxglove Racerback Tank by Selvage Designs | Press Seams Open

Foxglove Sewalong | Press Shoulder Seams Open

Now, for the clean finished seams tuck the raw edge of fabric on each side of the seam under itself and towards the center seam. Press well while doing this. Do this for all four seams.

Clean Finished Seams | Press Seam Edge Under

Your final pressed seams should look like this:

Pressed seam | Foxglove by Selvage Designs Sewalong

Pressed shoulder seam | Foxglove Sewalong

Now, flip your Foxglove so that it’s right side out. Sew one topstitch seam down the length of your seam about ⅛” to the right of the seam. Go slower for a straighter line.

First topstitch | Clean Finished Seams

Now, measure over ¼” from the first topstitch, noting where to keep your presser foot as you sew. I noted that my left presser foot toe was running down the first topstitch.

Seam Gauge Measure | Second Topstitch

As I sewed (slowly), I made sure to keep that stitched aligned with my presser foot toe the entire way.

Clean Finished Seams: Foxglove Tank | Second Topstitch

Moving over the the left side of the original seam, sew a third topstitch ⅛” to the left of the center seam. | Third Topstitch

For the four topstitch, simply measure over ¼” like you did with the second topstitch and sew the length of the seam.

Indiesew Blog | Fourth Topstitch on Foxglove Tank Pattern

This is what your clean finished seam should look like:

Foxglove Tank Sewing Pattern | Clean Finished Seam

Foxglove Sewalong  |Clean Finished Shoulder Seam

Congrats! All you have left to do is bind your neckline and armholes and hem your tank! Tomorrow we’ll cover both of those steps in detail.

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Already made your Foxglove by Selvage Designs? Upload it here! We’ll be choosing our favorites next week!

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