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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: Scarves and Cowls

By Allie

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Selfish Sewing Week and Indiesew | Scarves and Cowls

It’s been a productive, crazy week, folks. Yes, a fair amount of selfish sewing has taken place, but so has a lot of errand running, standing in line at the post office, and taking photos far too late into the night. TGIF. And I can tell it’s going to be a wonderful weekend.

What Selfish Sewing projects were completed this week? Well, there was a lot of scarf and cowl sewing time, as promised. And just in time to fulfill my dire need to make a pom-pom scarf, we've signed on a great new designer, Make it Perfect. This Aussie designer has a TON of great patterns, including this awesome Scarves and Cowls pattern. More patterns from this designer will be coming soon!

So let’s see exactly what I made:

Flannel Cowl

I showed you this green plaid fabric in my Selfish Sewing Week plans along with a lot of other fabric possibilities for a quick cowl project. Well, it turns out you need a lot more fabric than I expected for a nice big cowl. To be exact, you need a least a yard, and a yard I did not have in anything besides this thrifted flannel. I’m cool with that because I love this fabric.

Flannel Cowl | Make it Perfect Sewing Pattern on

This cowl pattern is great because it gives you exact measurements for the ideal length and fullness for the perfect cowl. I prefer to pay a few bucks for a tried and true pattern as opposed to wasting my precious yardage in the process of experimentation. It’s probably the only area of my life where I take unnecessary caution. Unnecessary caution = amazing result.

Voile Pom Pom Scarf

So I’ve been rambling about pom-pom fringe for far too long now and I finally took the plunge. There is something about those little, cheerful balls of fiber that really take me back to being five years old. This will not be the last time you see pom pom fringe on the blog. This great patterned voile was gifted to me by the lovely ladies at Fancy Tiger and I lined the scarf with some green voile that's been in my stash for a few months.

Pom pom scarf | Selfish Sewing Week and Indiesew

I picked up this small black pom pom fringe at my local fabric shop, but I mistakenly miscalculated how much I would need and I was back at the store the next day (hence, errand running). Next time I'll buy about a yard more than I think I'll need. For this scarf I needed about four yards.

Pom pom detail | Voile Scarf

One tip for sewing with pom pom fringe is to use a zipper foot. Also, move your needle position all the way to the left. The fringe that I was using had very narrow webbing on which to sew. Despite some very slow sewing and a few seam rips, I’m loving the result.

I’ve seen some pretty amazing Selfish Sewing Week projects over the last few days. Have you searched #selfishsewingweek on Instagram and Facebook? It’s a gold mine of women’s apparel and accessories. I’m loving it! I’ll be back next week with a recap of the My Dress alterations. Stay tuned!

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