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Fabric Batch #017: Texture

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric Batch | Texture

A few weeks ago, Leslie from Threadbear and I traveled to LA together for an overnight trip. I was excited to reconnect and show her what the LA Fashion District and overstock fabric were all about.

When I source fabric in LA, I typically travel alone, in one day. But having another apparel sewist and pattern designer on my sourcing trip was an incredible asset. And this fabric batch, Texture, was the result of our collaboration. Three of the five textiles in this batch were chosen by Leslie, fabrics I would not have considered had she not brought them to my attention.

We present to you Texture, Indiesew's seventeenth fabric batch made up of five woven fabrics:

Lavender Dobby Double Cloth

Indiesew Fabric | Lavender Dobby Double Cloth

This Lavender Dobby Double Cloth was Leslie's find and it's one of my favorite textiles we've sourced. This flowy rayon-based double cloth has a dobby texture in a light lavender color.

Lavender Dobby Double Cloth>



Cerulean Rayon Crepe

Indiesew Fabric | Cerulean Blue Rayon Crepe

I'm a huge fan of rayon crepe, especially in this dusty blue color. At 5 ounces (and with a 100% rayon content), this fabric is ideal for hot summer days. 

Cerulean Rayon Crepe>



Ivory Bemberg Jacquard

Indiesew Fabric | Ivory Bemberg Jacquard

We rarely stock pure white or ivory fabrics, but we couldn't pass this one up. This Bemberg blend fabric has woven grid texture in an ivory color.

Ivory Bemberg Jacquard>



Raisin Tencel Jacquard

Indiesew Fabric | Raisin Tencel Jacquard

We love Tencel here at Indiesew, and this 9 ounce jacquard is especially unique. In a deep raisin purple color, this textured fabric has a heavy drape and soft hand.

Raisin Tencel Jacquard>



Mid Indigo Cotton Rigid Denim

Indiesew Fabric | Mid Indigo Cotton Rigid Denim

With all the new rigid jeans sewing patterns available, we decided to source a 100% cotton non-stretch denim. What's better? This 9-ounce 100% cotton denim fabric is 69" wide!

Mid Indigo Rigid Denim>


Every fabric in the Texture fabric batch is overstock and limited in inventory. If you see something you like, grab it before it goes!

 Happy sewing!

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See Indiesew's seventeenth fabric batch, Texture! This collection of five woven fabrics feature rayon, Tencel, and cotton textiles with unique textures. |

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