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Cozy for Fall: Wrapped Cardigan

By Allie

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Indiesew | Cozy for Fall: Wrapped Cardigan Sewing Pattern

For the past few mornings here in Colorado, we've woken up to a significant chill in the air. No longer am I rolling out of bed in a tank top and shorts and making breakfast with the windows open. It's finally time to layer up, and I couldn't be happier about it. Typically for weather like this, I'm reaching for my Wrapped Cardigan by Seamly.

This week, I wanted to show you a different way to wear the Wrapped Cardigan sewing pattern. In most photos, we show this long, drapey cardigan worn open, with a tank top underneath. But lately, I've been wearing it wrapped around my body and secured with a wide fabric belt for a more fitted silhouette.

Check out these Wrapped Cardigan blog posts to see it in action:

This cardigan is sewn from our Luxe 2x1 Heather Grey Rib Knit (finished cardigans are available at Seamly). I sewed a quick 2.5" belt from the same fabric with angled ends. I love that this belt has lots of stretch, so I can wear the cardigan like this all day long and I don't feel like it's binding my waist like a normal belt would.

Seamly Wrapped Cardigan | Sewing Pattern at

Belt made from self fabric. | Long Cardigan Sewing Pattern

Indiesew | Seamly Wrapped Cardigan

Wrapped Cardigan | Grey Rib Knit Fabric

The Wrapped Cardigan is made from a lot of fabric, so getting this style right can take a bit of practice in front of the mirror. I wrap the left bodice all the way around my back to the left side seam and hold it there with one hand. And then I wrap the right bodice around my back to the right side seam and secure the wraps with the belt. Then, I sort of tug at the center front bodices above the waist so that some fabric blouses above the belt.

I'm able to wear the cardigan like this all day without adjustment because this rib knit fabric sort of adheres to itself. With a pair of jeans and sandals, this is my go-to outfit on chilly fall days.

You can check out all of the Wrapped Cardigan creations here and grab the Wrapped Cardigan sewing pattern here

Happy sewing!

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