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Colorblocked Sleeveless Popover Archer

By Aimee Elise

I’m Aimee. When I’m not sitting at my sewing machine, I’m most likely working as a microbiologist. I enjoy reading, outdoor adventures, and saying yes to amazing experiences.


I don’t know about you, but for me it’s rare to not have my next sewing project lined up. Some of my projects are planned off of gaps in my wardrobe, but the majority of my projects are all inspiration based. I get inspiration from new pattern releases, items other people in the sewing community have made, ready to wear clothing, outfits in movies and television shows, and people watching.

I am constantly intrigued by the details, fabric choices, and design elements on my friends clothing and by now they’re mostly used to me asking if I can touch or inspect a seam to figure out construction details. My mind immediately starts thinking about what pattern I could use or how I could alter it to make my own version.


The inspiration for this colorblocked sleeveless popover originated from seeing 80’s style pastel clothing making a resurgence. Popover’s also seem to be pretty popular right now and I personally love any excuse to avoid sewing button holes. I chose to use Grainline Studio’s Archer Button Up pattern and altered it to be sleeveless and to have a partial placket.


When I was choosing fabric I knew that I wanted a lot of contrast and for it to feel bright and summery. I used a Robert Kaufman linen blend for the top portion of the shirt and a cotton batiste for the bottom portion. I’m glad I put the batiste on the bottom because I like having that bit of contrast fabric under the linen when I’m wearing jeans that are a similar color.

I started by cutting the front and back pieces of my Archer pattern in half where I wanted the colorblock to start and for this version I chose my waistline. I added a half inch seam allowance to the pieces and then once they were cut out I serged them together to make one whole front and back piece.


For the partial placket popover, I cut my front piece on the fold and then loosely followed a couple of partial placket tutorials. Allie has a great tutorial already on the site which you can find here. I didn’t want exposed side seams so I finished them as French Seams and all other seams are serged and then folded over or hidden within the yoke or collar facing pieces.


Having previously made a full-sleeved and sleeveless version of the Archer this was a fun way to make the pattern feel new. It was scary to cut into the fabric at first knowing I was slightly straying from the pattern pieces and instructions but it was nice to challenge myself and it turned out in the end!

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